4 Ways to Save Money on your Next Corporate Event

4 Ways to Save Money on your Next Corporate Event

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If you have an event to produce on a tight budget, there are some ways you can reduce the bottom line on your budget without your guests feeling the pinch. By considering these 4 simple takeaways, you can still have an extraordinary event that your guests will love – while keeping your company’s finances in line.

1. Mind the Glass
When serving beer and wine, use smaller glasses and ask your bartenders to go easy on the pour. This will not only cut down your cost on alcohol, but also help to ensure your guests are more clear-headed and consume less alcohol. By filling the glass only half full, you can rest easy that your budget is not half empty! 


2. Bartenders, Baby
You always want to be sure that your bar is staffed with professionals to oversee the responsible service of alcohol and state law requires that they are TABC certified. Consider reaching out to newly certified graduates from the Texas School of Bartendersor the ACC Culinary Arts Program to find out if they can recommend some folks to help with your event. Many of these new graduates have plenty of experience at events before receiving their certification and are ready to step in and help serve at your event.


3. Deal with a DJ
Some corporate events may not require a live band and you can use a DJ instead. Contact a dance club’s DJ that offers music you like and offer to contract with them to do the music and the sound (they often have their own equipment). Or, you can also ask them if they can mix some music and put on a thumb-drive to replay at the event. If you can’t get a DJ, poll your office to find out their favorite music and make a playlist on your iPod to play at the event. Be sure to plan twice the length of music for the event. For example, if the event is 2-3 hours, make your playlist 4-6 hours so you won’t run out of tunes.


4. Go All-Inclusive
When choosing an event space, look for a hotel venue that offers high-quality food preparation and service and can also host your guests in their event space. Some hotels offer a package deal if the food is prepared and served from their own onsite kitchen. You may be also able to book a suite of rooms at a discount for your out-of-town guests.

These are just a few ways that you can save money on your next corporate event and we are always looking out for more ideas for our clients to keep their budgets lean. When working with our clients, we promise to help keep your eye on the bottom line while also maintaining a high-quality, memorable event.

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