Your event combined with our expertise results in a memorable experience.

At Luna Park Events, we offer a wide range of services to cater to your special event needs.

Luna Park Events will coordinate all the details to make sure your company’s meeting or bids are something that you and your client are happy with. All arrangements from catering to A/V and room setup will be taken care of so that you can focus on what is really important… your business.

We will also help you with budget management, vendor coordination, logistic analysis, risk management.

Luna Park Events work with your company’s promotional and marketing services to ensure that the release of a new product or service is fully celebrated. The launch party will introduce the new product to existing customers, as well as, draw in potential new customers. The party will be exciting and infectious to everyone there. We will help you celebrate the completion of a project or proposal by creating an event that is on target.

The event will celebrate your achievements and reward all involved for their participation.

Luna Park Events will provide the logistical support to make your conference a success. We can help provide room setup for your event.

Also to help you get what you need, we work with some of the best vendors in town to help you get the following for your events: signage, registration, transportation, catering, audio-visual set-up, and anything else you need to make your conference run smoothly.

Luna Park Events provides services to congratulate, reward, and appreciate individuals in your organization. The event will be an opportunity to reflect on past achievements, celebrate your successes, and look to the future. By providing event services, all of your staff will be able to enjoy the event and not feel that they have to “work” the event. Also, we want to help you with Spouse programs and excursion activities.

These events will be tailored to your needs… whether at your headquarters, a restaurant, a park, or anywhere in between. We work hard so you don’t have to.

Luna Park Events knows the ins, and outs, of many special event venues in Austin and Denver. We will work with groups to determine the perfect place for their event or home away from home for their out of town guest. We will use our extensive knowledge of Austin and the surrounding areas to match your needs.

We research first-hand area restaurants, airports, transportation services, hotels, and event venues to determine which services will be best for your group.

Luna Park Events provides consulting services to help you with your event-planning process. Our knowledgeable and experienced consultants are happy to help you brainstorm, design, or implement your event.

Basically helping you translate your concept into a real life event that is based on your needs.

No detail is too small when Luna Park Events sets the stage. Our preferred rental vendors are full of unique finds – both vintage and modern – like leather sofas and dramatic outdoor tents, to decorative table runners and elegant candlelit lanterns.

Luna Park Events will help you find your event essentials and customized it to your taste and preference.