event, destination management, meeting and/or wedding needs

Destination Management

Your event combined with our expertise results in a memorable experience.

At Luna Park Events, we offer a wide range of services to cater to your special event needs.

Luna Park Events knows the ins, and outs, of many special event venues in Austin and Denver. We will work with groups to determine the perfect place for their event or home away from home for their out of town guest. We will use our extensive knowledge of Austin, Denver and the surrounding areas to match your needs.

We research first-hand area restaurants, airports, transportation services, hotels, and event venues to determine which services will be best for your group.

Luna Park Events provides consulting services to help you with your event-planning process. Our knowledgeable and experienced consultants are happy to help you brainstorm, design, or implement your event.

Basically helping you translate your concept into a real life event that is based on your needs.

No detail is too small when Luna Park Events sets the stage. Our preferred rental vendors are full of unique finds – both vintage and modern – like leather sofas and dramatic outdoor tents, to decorative table runners and elegant candlelit lanterns.

Luna Park Events will help you find your event essentials and customized it to your taste and preference.

We would be truly honoured to be part of your wedding day. Whether simple or elaborate, traditional or non-traditional, let us have the privilege of creating a ceremony that truly honors and celebrates the love you have for one another. Whether you are two men, two women or male and female, we want to help you achieve your dream. We will happily perform a customized wedding ceremony rich in life, love and laughter at the location of your choice.

We have all the top tips and ideas for planning your wedding. We will help you save hours of time, reduce stress and help you save money planning your customized wedding.

Luna Park Events works with talented professional to obtain a wide and unique array of fresh, cost-effective florals.

From breathtaking bridal bouquets to dazzling centerpieces, our imaginative team will design the florals of your dreams.

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