I would go out of my way to work with Richard L. Williams II again!

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My name is Daniel Northcutt, Operations Manager for Starlite Restaurant, Woodland Restaurant and Club De Ville and co-owner of Bar Towel Productions. Over my career I have worked with an incredible amount of organizer’s and festival producers. To say the least, some are definitely a little easier to work with than others. I had the grand pleasure of working closely with Richard L. Williams II for 2007’s aGLIFF (Austin Gay and lesbian International Film Festival), one of Austin’s largest film festivals. In the end, because of both Richards’ passion for this festival and his networking skills, we came on as location hosts with The Woodland and Club DeVille as well as food sponsors with The Woodland, Starlite and Lambert’s restaurants. Richard coordinated multiple parties that involved or included either our property, food or both. The overall production of the multiple parties that accompanied this event was handled impeccably, due in large part to Richard’s wonderful communication and meticulous planning. Anything that we were a part of that involved Richard was a great success and incredibly smooth on our end. That is key to a restaurants’ continued support of like projects because you have to keep in mind that while we are off property at a function, our restaurant’s still have to be in motion. In other words, if an organizer gets us involved in an event off property and does not have the smallest of details in order, it can throw a major wrench in our overall business for the night as we are trying to prepare speciality foods on top of our nightly faire. I can honestly say that in the future, if I am approached with an opportunity and have the time/resources I would go out of my way to work with Richard L. Williams II again! Thank you for your time.

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